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my subject line comes directly from a whole family of oklahomies t-shirts in the wal-mart...hahaha man, i love this place. and i love america! mannn the 4th was wayyy too good!! this whole week was awesome...i'm just so blessed.

soo remember the 10 week goals i talked about likeee 10 weeks ago? haaa well this week was week 10  of the goals which was doubling the standard of excellence, which means 40 lessons, 60% of the lessons with a member, 2 investigators @ church, and 4 new investigators!! mannn we were so stressed because thats a huge stretch for Henryetta, buttttt some awesome things happened. talk about miracles on miracles...we were so busy the whole week, running around like crazy people especially on tuesday andfriday (we spend those days in okmulgee). last week we did a lot of preparation for this week, like setting up exchanges and appointments with several less actives we've never met before. we also had a couple people we prayed about whom we thought were ready to officially become investigators, andddd guess what 2 of the 4 became new investigators and they're doing awesome(: we saw so many people this week and the ward really helped us out, which was an awesome change. I'm just blown away at how big of a difference prayer makes..the Lord really does listen, he prepares people and he softens hearts like none other (:

something crafty: last monday we started all sorts of arts and crafts...mostly because all of our recent converts and several of the people we teach are children...so we thought we'd make some visuals to make the lessons more fun (: So far we drew the Plan of Salvation on this huge sheet  andddd I made a fun cup display to teach  the Restoration, and yes, I have pictures...I'll attach em (:

something exciting: we finally got to meet with our investigator family, the davis'!! they moved here a couple months ago from Louisiana where they were meeting with the missionaries. they are so open to the gospel the mom has really researched the church and wants her family to be a part of it. she has a 19 year old son who is way cool, a 10 year old, her daughter madeline is 8 and is so adorable and loves to learn about jesus, then there's a cute lil 2 year old named george! so excited to keep teaching them (:

something really really cool: sooo there's this awesome less active family out in Morris (near okmulgee) the mom grew up in the church, the dad is a convert, the oldest son is a member, the two teenage sons never got baptized. the parents were sealed in the temple and over time they got out of the habit of coming to church. but they are sooooo cool...they are so humble and so loving. they have a super nice house out in the middle of nowhere. they raise pigs each year and the boys show them so they taught us all about that. they're oldest son Hayden got drafted out of high school BY THE YANKEES!!! ahhhhhh they told us all about how it happened and the process and the managers and inside yankee stadium and all this crazy stuff. although us bailey's are red sox fans, it's still cool to hear about the yankee life...and apparently Derek Jeter is a freak about people touching his stuff hahaha. but the cool thing is that they want us to start teaching their teenagers!! I'm so excited, they are just such a great family and I just hope and pray that the spirit will guide us and the ward will support us as we work with the boys and bring the whole family back to activity..(:

something spiritual: thursday we had a first zone conference with our new mission president and his family, the Lovelands. They are so awesome, I already love them! It seemed like they were a little nervous and timid at first, but the whole meeting was super powerful and spiritual. We miss the Shumways so much, but I know the Lovelands are supposed to be here leading the Arkansas Bentonville Mission!! President Loveland talked a lot about grace, the strength of the Lord, and the Atonement. He shared my favorite scripture since the beginning of my mission, Alma 26:12<3 It was great to be able to see the hand of the Lord in everything we do.

something funny: one evening we were out to eat with some members and one of my favorite songs came on so Sister Buttars and I conveniently  noticed our water glasses were empty so we went over to the other side of the restaurant to fill up our glasses and where the music was easier to hear. then someone behind us says "LOOK! it's the missionaries!!" andddd we're like "whaaaaaat? someone knows us?" haha it was a new thing for us in Henryetta, we got so excited and went over to talk to them and turns out they're less active members of the Henryetta ward and two of their nephews had just returned from their missions so they were all excited about missionary work and we had a great conversation with them...they talked about wanting to come on exchanges with us and how they needed to come to church...and guess who showed up to church on sunday and bore their testimony?! it was pretty awesome...funny though that we were over there so we could listen to a song but also where they could see us...hahaha it was way funny out it all worked out

something patriotic: the fourth was soooo awesome!! we went into the day not having a whole lot of plans whatsoever but ended up having a great day. plus i have been waiting to wear my 4th of july outfit for months now! i'll send pictures no worries (; we did some preparation for ward council in the afternoon, visited with Bishop Gustin, then went to a cook out with our ward mission leader's family and another family in the ward! there was tons of food and good company and we played lawn games and did fireworks! they bought a whole bunch so we had our own lil show, they were so funny about us being there though. They would only let us touch the sparklers and made sure we were sitting in the back of the truck whenever fireworks were being lit! hahaha but we took lots of fun sparkler pictures, it was a great evening. I love BBQ ribs and I LOVE AMERICA!!!! hahaha #classicSisterBailey

something happy: the best part of the week was probably church yesterday!! I love fast and testimony meeting, it is always so spirit filled. But the greatest part of all was that our golden investigator, whom we haven't been able to meet with for weeks, Beverly, came to church!!! She loved it and stayed for all three hours. Everyone kept asking us how we met her and were so impressed by her! She is so prepared! (: We are seeing her again on Tuesday so pray that it goes well <3 We were just so happy so see her there!

Well ya'll, get ready for a lot of pictures from the 4th! 


Sister B (:

1) the cups
2) 4th breakfast...donuts & coke (aren't you proud melissa?)
3) my much anticipated 4th of july outfit


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