Monday, June 22, 2015

sister bread && sister buttars



hahaha so the joke @ church yesterday was to see how many nicknames they could come up with for me to match sister buttars...i think i'm offically sister bread though. man...henryetta..they crack me up (;

this week was every transfer week is!! between saying goodbye, packing, cleaning, and preparing the area for a new companion it seems like we were constantly running around with our head cut off! but i love being super busy (: and i love henryetta!! i'll be honest, it took me a lil longer to love it here than my previous areas but the members here are amazing and i love them a lot, they're the sweetest and help us out with more than I realized when I first got here. I think the hardest was coming from the city in Bentonville to this tiny town with supposedly 5,000 people. Also coming from a ward that was 95% active to a ward that well...isn't as active! But hey, it's great because we have a lot of work to do (:

I love being back in the Tulsa East Zone because President Cluff is our stake President, he's the best (: He is all about rescuing the less actives and is so willing to help the missionaries strengthen the's great to be here!!

the work here in henryetta is picking up, slowly but surely. Sister Buttars and I had an awesome weekly planning session on friday and went through a lot of old records, reorganizing the area book, making phone calls, and setting up appointments with people I've never met here! Our focus is really on the less actives, but we have some good prospects with investigators! Something unique about henryetta is how many children of record we have (children over 8 who were blessed but never baptized) so we made plans to meet with some more of them and hopefully turn them into investigators, coming to church, teaching the lessons, and of course getting baptized and the ones that are over 12 going to the temple!! It'll be good, I'm super excited(: (:

The best part of the week was that the whole campbell family came to church yesterday, went to classes, stayed for all three hours, and Autumn (our 12 year old recent convert) got her temple recommend, so if all goes well we'll be able to go with her July 11!!! (: Can't wait!!


the other highlight of the week was, of course, TRANSFER DAY!! it was so long and I was soooo tired but it was a blast!! Mostly it's fun seeing all the mission friends, but also I got to chill with my girl Sister Petersen all day!! I love her...she's basically my real life sister @ this point <3

There was a big group of us up in Tulsa all day waiting for our new companions, all the sisters went to the mission home and cleaned and ate breakfast and hung out with the Shumways. Then we all headed over to the mission office to "help organize" with the Elders when really we all just hung out. It was a good time (; Plus hanging out with the Shumways for the last'm going to miss them so much!!

Not to mention this is the last full week of the OKLAHOMA TULSA MISSION!! Next week we'll transition to the Arkansas Bentonville Mission and get our new mission president, President Loveland. From what we've heard he's awesome, so I'm excited to meet them (: (:

all in all, it was a good week! I'm excited to see what this transfer has in store! I'm so grateful to be here. I love being a missionary. Sometimes is really hard, but in the end it's all worth it. I'm grateful for all the amazing people I've met. I'm grateful for all my crazy companions that have all turned into best friends!!! Man...I'm the luckiest girl in the world!!

shoutout to my cutest sister Rachael!!! She's going through the temple this week and getting marriedon Saturday!!!! Forever wishing I could be there, just know I'll be there in spirit!!!! I love you Rachee2roo!!! I am so proud of you <3 <3 And I know our sweet momma is too (:


Sister Bailey

We found the beach ... in Henryetta?

Miss you Kitcheyyy

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