Sunday, April 26, 2015

What I Wish I Would Have Known Part II

  • Learn how the spirit works, how to recognize it, & how to use it
  • Bring more clothes are mix & match, but realize that you WILL acquire a lot of things...especially if you volunteer at a thrift shop like us (;
  • Some Elders said...bring 10 long sleeve shirts & 4 short sleeve, & you can never have too many ties...but Elder Merryweather has over 150...that's too many ties LOL
  • Consider bringing a small set of scriptures with you...they can fit in your bag BUT if you had bad vision or if you want people to read from your set of scriptures...don't do it
  • Get a new set of scriptures just for your mission...this is my personal opinion (obviously), some missionaries praise having their scriptures from seminary with you...but it you are like me & didn't pay attention nor mark up your scriptures in seminary & just have your 8-year-old-picture-drawn-every-scripture-you-ever-read-marked like myself...then get yourself some new, pretty, scriptures. I'm glad that I did!!
  • Bring a scripture sister def had to send me need to have something to protect your scriptures. Some missionaries make lil scripture boxes out of used cereal boxes covered in pictures of Jesus from the Ensign...haha whatever fit yo style (;
  • Bring pictures of your family...mostly for your companions & for members so they can see who you are & where you come it's nice to see familiar faces every now & then
  • bring uplifting music with guidelines vary by mission but when we discussed this as a district we all agreed that you cannot go wrong with hymns (both regular & appropriate different versions) & also #MoTab...but make sure to double check with your mission president!
  • Chill out, relax, & realize that God is in charge
  • MISSIONARY WORK IS FUN, if you are not having fun...I do not think you are being obedient...we were meant to have joy (& to be obedient)...sooo enjoy your mission, every day of it, even if everyone canceled on you & several people slammed their door in your face
  • Be positive in your Sister said "I have such a testimony of lying" haha what she was meaning, however, was to not complain in your emails, share your struggles, but always, always, always be positive
  • You can be SO BOLD with members, less actives, & your investigators
  • Learn to work with the members, earn their trust, love them & they will love you back
  • Develop the ability to make your lessons f l o makes all the difference
  • Be yourself...get out of that robot missionary mode & be yourself, let your personality shine through because (as cheesy as it is...) the people you come in contact with need YOU & they need your personality
all my love,

sister jaybay bailey

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