Monday, July 27, 2015

da purple giraffe

hiiiiiiiii ya'll 

(i'm running out of cool subject lines lol)

first of all, just want to say thank you for everyone that emails me and sends me things in the mail! and even if you don't, sister bailey loves all ya'll!

okayyy imma make this kind of short today because we have all kinds of activities planned with other missionaries here in henryetta, it should be a blast(: I love preparation day and I love other missionaries! I don't know if it's like this in other missions but we are all such good friends. Likeee all the Elders are like my brothers and the sisters are like my best friends. I'm just real happy to be here!

highlights of da week:

tuesday Taryn, one of the young women, came out with us alllll day! ahaha i'm pretty sure we picked her up at 9 AM and took her home at 930 PM, it was quite a day! (; it was soo rainy and a lot of people canceled on us but we still had a really fun and productive day, but the best part was noodle ball!! (forever trying to figure out why i haven't talked about this before....maybe i have, either way its the greatest) soooo every tuesday morning we got to this rest home in okmulgee and play noodle balls with some of the folks there. it's basically the nurses gather 8-10 residents and put their wheelchairs in a circle. then we hand them pool noodles and start the four huge balloons and push play on the cd of classic disco music. AND THEY LOVE IT!! our job is to keep the balloons going and get them if they go out of bounds. it is seriously the funnest thing. we've become friends with a lot of really cute old people and they just think the world of us, mannnn they are darling! and taryn really enjoyed she wants to come every week! (:

we got to see our GOLDEN investigator Beverly again. it was so perfect! she is so prepared and loves learning and just accepts everything we teach. I love her so much and I know that I'll keep in contact with her forever, she is so amazing <3 <3

we had dinner with my newest adopted parents, the haynes, they are hilarious. they actually aren't married anymore but they're still really good friends...anyway! they took us out to this place that's a lot like sizzler and i got a  huge steak, of course (; and they have a clown that walks around and does face painting and balloon animals? haha so she made me a purple giraffe and she asked a lot of questions about mormons so i said "you know a lot about mormons" shes like "yup" and i'm like "do you know any mormons?" she says "yup" so i say "wanna be a mormon?" she laughs and says "you're cute...." hahaha it was a #classicsisterbailey move, but really i went and talked to her again later and got her card and we talked about all kinds of times (;

we had a break through this week with the leadership of the ward!! ahh prayer works...i promise. and the lord really does soften hearts...Henryetta is just a really challenging area...but when i came here President Shumway told me that he knew I could make a we'll see if that actually happens. But people keep telling me I have the right personality for Henryetta?...not sure what that means exactly...but i think it has something do with the fact that I'm not scared to say what I think and work around road blocks to make things happen sometimes? IDK i'm just real happy to be here. we had a 2 hour meeting with our Bishop and discussed a lot about ward council and hopefully made some suggestions to make it more productive and successful, we'll see what this week brings (; Bishop Gustin is a champion though...we sure love him! it's the best when you have an awesome relationship with your Bishop and he trust you (:

the best part of my week was on saturday when my best friend Eliza came to visit me from Bentonville!!! Ahhhhhhh it was so good to see her, I love her so much!! We got to catch up and she went out teaching with us in Okemah and we ended up going to two dinner appointments and we laughed a lot and just had a blast. Man...I can't imagine my life without all the friends I've made on my mission, they're so cool && fun... I'm the luckiest girl in the world <3

yesterday was awesome too, we taught gospel principles, like usual, and literally didn't prepare anything but we got up there and taught about the sabbath day like champs (; it's funny because before my mission i could have never done that, but the mission teaches you to be able to get up and talk in front of a room full of people no problem. I feel like I've really learned how to just follow the spirit and ask inspired questions to involve everyone in the lesson and turns out it's really fun! (; then yesterday evening we spent with our fav part member family!! we had chicken fried steak and played 4 way chess and several rounds of cards. we love them so much. the dad is basically a member...we joke a lot about him getting baptized and at one point i got out my planner and asked him all the baptismal interview questions!! hahaha it was hilarious, someday he'll get there (:

welllll everyone i hope ya'll have a lovely week!!

i am so happy to be a missionary (:

i love ya'll!!!

sister bailey 

shoutout to eliza for driving 3 hours to see me <3

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