Monday, June 22, 2015



hayyyy everyone that i love dearly!!

it was a great week, of course. are ya'll surprised?!

first of all TRANSFER NEWS!!!!!!!

I am staying in wonderful Henryetta (; Sister Kitchen is going to be a Sister Training Leader in Bentonville with my Bff evil twin Sister Whittaker for her last transfer!! Ahhh that'll be unreal, they'll have so much fun together!! 

and the best newssssss I'M GETTING SISTER BUTTARSSSSSS!!!!! I am so so excited!! If you remember, I got to babysit Sister Buttars her very first day in the mission field, then again last transfer while her companion was at MLC in Bentonville. She's the cutest. She's from Pleasant Grove. She's 21. She went to SUU. Her eyes are different colors. She is so funny. THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUEEE! I'll send a picture of us that I took last transfers on my way to Henryetta (:

too good...

I don't have a ton to report on this week. Butttttt last Monday was the greatest...we had our zone outing in Muskogee. Some members there have a waterfall on their property. So our district wore our matching tie dye shirts we did the week before and the other district was so jelly haha but it was a blast. I love this zone! Everyone is soooo chill! We had a camp fire and ate hot dogs and played soccer and told crazy mission stories. It was wonderful EXCEPT when we got home I had FIVE TICKS ON ME!! ewww it was gross, but Sister kitchen is a good companion and pulled them out. Man...i hate these oklahoma bugs. I can't wait til I can run around on the grass without shoes (;

soo I decided instead of telling you about my regular missionary week I'm going to share some #classicSisterBailey moments...

one morning i was waiting to get in the shower so i was still in my pajamas which that night was leggings and my tie dye shirt and vans socks. the district leader called so i'm talking to him on the phone and my leg is up on the arm rest of my recliner so i look really weird and my hair is on top of my head...then i hear someone run up the stairs outside our apartment, which was weird because our neighbor, Sam, always leaves early in the morning...then the door knob starts twisting and I freeze and Elder Lindsay is still talking and then the door just opens and it's this really tall guy and I'm so scared and all i could get out of my mouth was "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...." then he says "sorry! wrong room!" and closes the door and leaves. then sister kitchen runs over and slams the door and locks it. i'm just sitting there petrified. hahahaha but it was so funny because i couldn't even scream or get anything audible out of my mouth except for uhhhhhh. #classicSisterBailey

oh yeah...this week our phone blew may or may not have been my fault...i may have left it in the sun for a few may have actually started sparking...we may have lost all of our contacts...we may have spend 2 hours at the sprint store....hahaha another #classicSisterBailey

we received the assignment to redo the young women bulletin board, which was way fun. we were at walmart buying stuff for it and i (because i always drop or knock over things) hit and dropped this huge bottle of glitter. it didn't break...but the floor was just so far away and bcuz of my back problems it's hard for me to bend down. so i put my hand out and stared really hard at the bottle hopping it would somehow come to my hand...i wish i had super powers? hahaha well Sister Kitchen looked over and noticed what I was doing and she fell over laughing in the middle of the was the funniest i fell over and we just sat there in walmart laughing until we were crying...#classicSisterBailey

then yesterday we went over to the Decker's house for lunch (brother decker is the patriarch & sister decker is the yw president & we love them soooo much) and we were both so tired from the week. but the deckers are like our parents so we are our true selves when we got over there and we had a blast...i got brother decker laughing so was so entertaining. at one point we were talking about some things president shumway had said to us. Sister Kitchen was talking about how President grabbed her arms and shook her back and forth saying "you are so strong!" then i chuckled to myself and the deckers asked what I was laughing about and I say "should i tell them?" and Sister Kitchens like i sit down on the ground in my dress and explain how it's so funny because every morning I laugh so hard bcuz Sister Kitchen is sooo NOT flexible. it's hilarious and she's really weak in the sometimes she collapses and I just die laughing. So I'm explaining this all to them and Sister Kitchen and I are just laughing so hard because of President. So I say "Sister Kitchen you are really spiritually strong....!!" hahaha we all

there's so many more but those are a few for now...maybe i'll write one in each email for ya'll to enjoy....

hahaha welll enjoy these pictures!

i hope ya'll have a great week! I LOVE YOU!!!!

your favorite sister missionary,


Sister Buttars and I

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