Monday, July 27, 2015


hey ya'll!! 

we've had a crazy day already! currently emailing from a lil office in gore, oklahoma. we met with the mission physical therapist, which was amazing...he saves my life (: now we're emailing real quick then heading to muskogee for our zone outing, should be exciting!! but lots of driving...we do a lot of that in henryetta driving between okmulgee and okemah and it gives me plenty of time to think sooo this week i came up with this cute lil acronym. sometimes the mission is hard and frustrating and days feel like years but you just have to push through it and in the end everything is good and you learn so much and have a blast while you're doing it (: so with that in mind, it goes something like this...

Press Forward (2 Nephi 31:20)
Unity w/ your companion (Mosiah 18:21)
Strength of the Lord (Alma 20:4, Alma 26:12)
Heart (Helaman 3:35, Mosiah 5:7, Mosiah 7:33)

I've learned so strongly on my mission that you have to rely on the Lord more than ever. I've learned that having unity with your companion can make or break your success with the members, the area, and investigators. Each companion is different and unique and you can learn so much from the different people you serve with. And in the midst of it all they become your best friends<3 I've learned a lot about the grace-the enabling power of the atonement which allows you to do so much more with the strength of the Lord than you otherwise could on your own. Lastly, I've learned that you have to put your heart in all that you do. Even if it's hard and you don't want to do something, the Lord asks for more than just clean hands, he wants our whole heart in the work. When things get hard and frustrating and you don't feel well you just go work anyway, you work around problems, and you love everyone...because you love the Lord <3

we had an awesome week, i wish i had more time to talk about all of it, but here's a few things:

  • we did companion study at arby's bcuz of noodle ball in the morning and an awesome guy OTM'd us and he left with a book of mormon and the elders phone number in was so awesome. he's like the most prepared person ever

  • i went on exchanges in muskogee for the first time with sister preston, when i got there she said that someone in the ward had died and lot of the people we were planning to see that day needed to meet me and hear about my story...let's just say it was an amazing day...probably one of the most spirit filled days on my mission....i wish i could tell ya'll all about it butttt i'll just have to fill you in in about approx 7 months!

  • ward council was amazing yesterday!! i almost cried because it was so different!! if i leave after this transfer i'll be happy that we could influence and help bring the spirit into ward council the gospel is amazing!!
sorry this is such a lame email...but I LOVE YA'LL!! 

have a lovely week!!

all my love,

sister bailey

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