Monday, May 18, 2015

toto. . .i don't think we're in arrrrrr-kansas anymore!

howdy ya'll!!

i knew i was back in oklahoma when my southern drawl started coming back...i say things like arange instead of orange, warsh instead of wash, arregon instead of oregon...and ya'll like none other and I'M SO SASSY!! haha i blame it on the arkansassies...hahaha anywaysss

first of all i love love love sister kitchen. we are such twins, we get along so well and teach together so well. i just love we are wearing matching american flag shirts and we got gold lil bicycle necklaces becuz we couldn't find any bff necklaces hahaha we're so dumb but we are having a blast and the ward adores us, so that's good!

I HAVE BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!! i almost last monday night we had a conference call with the whole mission talking about the 10 week goals then President says "there's going to be one more change when Sister Shumway and I go home at the end of june...started july 1st...the OKLAHOMA TULSA MISSION WILL CEASE TO EXIST" soooo obviously we are all like whaaaaaaaaat?! then he says "starting july 1st you will all be missionaries in the ARKANSAS BENTONVILLE MISSION!!!!" ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh crazy right?!!?! everything is staying the same, boundary-wise, they're just moving the mission home and mission office to bentonville!!! and guess which ward....SUGAR CREEK!!!! my homeeeeeee! isn't that awesome!! They said the new mission home is's a great place to be and is just so much more central to our mission! soooo cool that i'll be able to serve in two missions, with two mission presidents! I can't wait!!!

this is definitely the most challenging area i've been in...that's all i'll say...BUT i'm having a blast!! And I can't remember being happier...Sister Kitchen and I are doing amazing things with the Lords help. Even though things are challenging we are working so hard and everyday we see miracles...I'm so grateful to be here, BIG THINGS ARE COMING OUR WAY!!

tomorrow we have zone training in broken arrow and interviews with President!! MY FAVORITEEEEEEEE! I can't wait(: and I convinced to Zone Leaders that we should all meet up early and eat breakfast together...haha it'll be so sick(:

let's see...i can't even remember what we did this week...

we did a ton of volunteering around henryetta and okmulgee, which was fun!

we are helping a recently returning less active quit smoking and helped in her garden the other day and played with her itty bitty kitty! i hate cats but her kitty is so cute...and his name is oliver so like obvi i took some pictures, i'll attach one!

we did a lot of tracting this week which is always an adventure...

we went to our less active young women's jazz band concert on saturday, they were soooo good! that was fun and it meant a lot to her that we came<3 missionary work is so much more than simply teaching formal lessons!

saturday the weather was crazyyyyyy!! there were a few tornados closer to tulsa in broken arrow, it was crazy thunder, lightning, sideways rain, and wind! we were on the phone with the zone leaders til like midnight. they called like every 5 minutes to make sure we were okay. but sister kitchen and i weren't even worried, we just thought it was fun! haha gotta love that wicked oklahoma weather!!

yesterday we both had the opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting! i somehow ended up speaking for thirty minutes? i really dont know how that happened...but imma say the spirit? so i only left kitchey with 10 minutes haha but it turned out well! then we taught gospel principles AND young womens...haha typical day in the life, i wouldn't have it any other way!! <3<3

today we took our car into the shop and won't get it back til friday...sooo we're walking like all that'll be an adventure for sure!! can't wait!!!

CAN EVERYONE DO ME A FAVOR AND PLEASE PRAY FOR MY SWEET COMPANION SISTER SMITH?!?!? She and her family needs all the prayers and love in the world right now<3<3 I LOVE YOU SISTER SMITH!!!!

sorry this email is so lame...haha...but I'M HAPPY TO BE HERE!! LETS GOOOOOOO<3

have a wonderful week errybody!!

all my love,

Sister Bailey

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