Wednesday, May 6, 2015

whats in your milk? are you a moose? snitch & stitch forever

hey everyone!! 

we had a wonderful week! we have lots and lots and lots to do today so this is gonna be really short and sweet!

this week our zone got 100% member present lessons!! HOLLA

we ended up teaching 27 MP lessons!

we invited reagan and rebecca to be baptized

we went on a hike with the ysa and sang to a preacher and his wife

we got jesed and jair to the church, gave them a tour, and taught a bomb lesson about the plan of salvation

we got transfer calls...:( :( i'm going back to the motherland! I'll be in Henryetta Oklahoma, the district I just barely left from, with Sister Kitchen who is 3 months older than me! She's adorable. I'm both happy and sad. I hate to leave here I feel like I just got here....and I have so many amazing friends and all of our investigators are doing so good so it's kind of depressing to leave them...but the Elders replacing us will take good care of them...I HOPE. sooo the olsen's son is coming home from ole miss for the summer so thats why we are both's the lamest and our stake president tried to convince president shumway to reconsider hahaha it was quite the conversation we had yesterday. but it'll chill. another area another adventure. mostly i'm just heartbroken i'm losing Sister Smith. She's my best friend and we have so much fun and work so hard and well together. I'll love her forever!!! Don't forget about me snitch!!<3

so this week will be crazy...lots of packing and getting ready for  the elders and saying good bye and hopefully not crying as much as we all did yesterday...haha but how grateful i am for fast sunday. we had the opportunity to attend ward council, 2 MCMs, and bare our testimony in both wards! I cried like a baby in YSA...haha but then I passed around my "year and a half book" (get it? like a year book lol" and everyone signed it and that made it better. I'll love these people forever. I'll miss Eliza, Lexie, Hayden, Chase, Micah, Seth, Nate, Joe, Brenda, Reagan, Rebecca, John, James, Justin, Michelle, and Kate!! and many many moreeeee<3 Mostly just grateful for all the friendships that have been formed here! I'm soooooo incredibly blessed!!

the other day I made of list of reasons  of WHY I came on my mission and also reasons why I am HERE...very different lists but it's interesting to see how things change or cease to matter over time. Missions give you such an eternal perspective. I decided that being a missionary is so hard because you literally can't call your mom when you had a bad day, nor your sister, nor can you ignore everyone in your room and so sometimes despite being in a room of people you feel really alone; but all in all it leads you to your knees. And in the end...He can bring more peace than anyone else or anything else could have. And if that is all I leave my mission with knowing I'd be content. But that ain't gonna happen because I get to meet people everyday that change my life and it's so fun. I actually started a lil book that just has names of people that changed my life, even if it was just a little thing, they still matter to me. I can't believe how much I've changed already...and it can only get better from here. Also I started this new way to study. I read a lil bit of everything. Whether it be a verse, page, column, or chapter I read until I am full. So I go through the Old Testament, New Testament, Bible Dictionary, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, Ensign, True to the Faith, Preach my Gospel, For the Strength of the Youth, Prepare for the temple, the pamphlets, and general conference talks. It's been soooooo fun and I get wayyy more out of my studies. Then at night when I finish everything and writing in my journal and all that I read the Book of Mormon until 1030. It's the best. I'm specifically highlighting every time it talks about commandments and heart. It's really interesting and I'm learning soooooooooo much.

I'm heart broken I'm leaving...the mountains just keep getting higher but I'm getting stronger and "I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord."

All my love,

Sister Jaybay Bailey

our cutest district
OTMing in downtown bentonville
JOHNNY DAMON MY CHILDHOOD HERO at the walmart museum. we taught some JWs that was awesome and incredible awkward. as we were leaving the old guy said "hey you're a good lil preacher" and it made my heart happy!

i'll see ya'll in oklahomaaaaa with da rest of da oklahomies!!!

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