Tuesday, June 9, 2015

imma meet cha half wayyyyyyyy

hey guys!!

so this sista is half wayyyyyyyy!! 

shoutout to all my homies getting home in the next few weeks....can't believe it's already been two years! ahhhhhh ya'll better get the welcome home party for me!!! see ya in February, okay?!

so this week was good, just trying to get stuff going for us here...i love it here, but i miss the city!! but it's all good, there are a lot of amazng people here (: and i absolutely adore the youth here...

plus there's two 12 year olds, John (our recent convert) and wyatt, that are so freaking funny...they remind me sooo much of my nephew kayden. john and i have a secret handshake and we do it several times every time we see each other, he's the bomb. ( i miss you kdawggg )

tuesday was a blasttttt we had zone training up in broken arrow and drove up with the eufaula elders, so that was sick! elder lindsay and elder jensen, they're both far into their missions and are so funny! i'll send a picture! also we all brought breakfast and ate together before the meeting started...#zoneunity but this zone training was really special because it was my LAST interview with President Shumway! I love that man...it was so so speical...he's like a father to me and he just kept saying how much he is going to miss me. He shared D&C 58:3-4 with me. In preparation for interviews he had us all pick one or two christ-like attributes and write a lil paper about them, i chose charity and love. He read mine, put it down and said, " Sister Bailey, I'll cherish this forever." Then he read my weekly email from the week before and it started off with "oh President, stop making me blush!" he died laughing and said "you knew i was going to read this out loud to you for the first time today, huh?" hahaha but i honestly forgot he did that! but it was way funny...

ahhhh i don't have time to finish this email!! soooo have a good week everyone!!! <3 <3

love ya'll!!!

sister bayyyyy

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