Tuesday, April 28, 2015

give me mountains to climb....and i'll R U N up them

hayyyyy ya'lllllll!

you're probably wondering about my subject line, but i'll get to that in the end....therefore YOU MUST READ MY WHOLE EMAIL(:<3 haha i'm kidding, i give you permission to jump to the end, i know i write too much...(that was for you kayden)

sooooooo what a crazy, hard, frustrating, annoying, dumb, sad, fun, wonderful, spiritual week!!! haha #mishlyfe

last monday was a freaking blast!! like allll the missionaries in the area came and we just played sports hardcore all day. we played basketball, volleyball, and soccer...it was way too fun(: I'll attach a pic of a few of us!! Then we had FHE at Chase's house and we owned everyone at ping pong....remember when me and Matt Minaga took table tennis for college credit haha #UtahStateeee my life is so entertaining.

tuesday we did service at helping hands which is always a blast cuz all of the Elders in the area come too, so there was likeeee 10 of us then we all went to eat at this BBQ place and well all ate fried pickes and BBQ nachos...so good...OMG. We had a awesome lesson with James and Joe and Lexie came with...then institute where we talked about plural marriage and we had 2 investigators there. it rocked(:

wednesday we did a ton of planning...that's what happens when you have two crazy busy areas!! i love to plan though...we have a huge white board and i went crazy with it...I'll attach a pic of that too(: (: Oh hahaha i forgot, we had dinner with the Stake President's family and got a call from the Bella Vista Elders and found out they didn't have dinner so i invited them...haha it was so fun. I've never had dinner with other missionaries in someones home before, we gave a bomb thought about the Priesthood and the Book of Mormon. I love being a missionary and i love my missionary friends(: (ps happy birthday so my sister annie)

thursday was wayyyyy too sick!! we had a mini zone conference in springdale with the shumways and surrounding zones! Elder Nuttle (a senior couple missionary who used to be a physical  therapist) fixed my back and made me cry and scream but now i feel so much better!! hooray. grateful for that man<3 then the Shumways killed it.........ahhhh we talked all about the WHAT and the WHY of missionary work. Which is exactly why I've gotten in so much trouble on my mission, in a good way. Because I really just wish everyone was actually themselves. There are just too many missionaries that are robots and do things for the numbers and not out of love. I like to think I'm a genuine and straightforward person that loves everyone (at least I try to) so it makes me sooo annoyed when people or leaders do things out of obligation because it needs to be BOTH! we all need to understand the letter of the law as well as the spirit of the law!! And that's what the whole conference was about...i loved it!! The closing hymn was "be thou humble" and president just sat up there and cried. It was so special. I love that man! Some people like to say that you get called to the mission president...and after all the amazing experiences i've had with President Shumway I believe that wholeheartedly<3 They have 10 weeks left so we made some awesome goals to push to the end! I'm sooo pumped(:

well after the conference i had a wonderful talk with the shumways and president told me he was proud of all the hard things i've been going through lately. he said "i told you to pray for mountains to climb....now run up them!" it was awesome...he is such a great pep talker!! I love them<3 <3 they have so much faith in us individually and in the mission collectively! WE ARE TRULY THE GREATEST MISSION IN THE WORLD!!

Friday we had lunch with one of our investigators, Macy, and Nate came along too. We had a sweet lesson with BIG MIKE!! He is so awesome....he's coming along great...just needs to trust and READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. it all comes down to the book of mormon...always go back to that. it's the keystone of our religion for a reason!! That night we taught our recent convert, Grace, and her fiance, Winston, about the Law of Chastity. It was pretty awkward but ya know...we got it done(: WOOT

Saturday we went on exchanges I stayed in the area with Sister Whitaker, my evil red head twin, we had a ball and taught 7 lessons. and got 3 new investigators. and had 2 active member lessons. HOLLA. it was a blast...i love that girl plus we were trained in the same area!! so much fun(:

Sunday we were at the church from 8 am....til 6 pm I WANTED TO DIE I WAS SO TIRED!! in the morning bentonville stake had a special meeting where the stake president, OKC temple president, and patriarch (brother ming) spoke and people could ask questions!! it was sooo amazing and inspiring and BIG MIKE CAME!! it was so sick! then we had meetings on meetings on meetings. but i love meetings! i think i wanna be a business woman someday...we'll see(: (: we had dinner with my fellow LONE PEAKER!!! Anyone remember Sam Beck?! He got home from his mission in March and is out here being a bug boy! so he and his roommates fed us dinner with our investigator Reagan! sooo fun(: (:

Today weeeee made gluten free brownies for the Elders, traded out car with the Bentonville Elders and rode their bikes from downtown to the stake center...those hills tho....it was really fun i'll send pics! then we played soccer in the parking lot and now we are emailing!! next is more soccer, maybe some tennis, and definitely some more soccer!

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are my 5 life motto's:
1. Be somebody that makes everybody feel like somebody
2. Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate
3. Be a triumph, not a tragedy
4. Give me mountains to climb...and I'll R U N up them
5. Be yourself...and make Christ apart of yourself

I love ya'll!!! Have a great weeeeek!

i'm just happy to be hereeeeee(:

All my love,

Sister Bailey

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