Tuesday, June 9, 2015

a PINK eye single to the glory of God

June 8th

hey ya'll!!!

what a week...wow wow wowwwww. I am just so incredibly happy. This was like the ultimate missionary week....here's a quick run down:

Monday: district outing in Muskogee with the coolest district in the world

Tuesday: crazy busy in okmulgee and lots of OTMing

Wednesday: our last ZONE CONFERENCE with President Shumway up in Tulsa...best day everrr....also sister kitchen and i did a musical number...acapella... with solos? i don't really know...we both love to sing and we were terrified so the other week i texted sister shumway asking if we could sing at zone conference!! haha we practiced a lot and it ended up great! this transfer has been all about conquering fears. I JUST LOVE SISTER KITCHEN!! after we were like "did we really just do that?" then we high fived...it was awesome...

Thursday: weekly planning...at a mexican restaurant eating chips and salsa and guac and queso?

Friday: exchanges with my girllll Sister Wulfenstein up in okmulgee...we were super busy and went to a carnival in the evening for our finding hour...way too fun!!

Saturday: adult session of stake conference in broken arrow, seeing my favorites from tahlequah, crying and hugging them and catching up...it was AMAZING!! i walked into a room where they were indexing and they screamed "SISTER BAILEY!!!" it was a tender moment<3 then...SLEEPING OVER AT THE MISSION HOME<3<3 funnest night of my lifeeeeee

Sunday: waking up in the mission home and walking through it for the last time (they are moving out of it in like two weeks...crazy!) then stake conference at the broken arrow convention center and hearing so many good things from the people that spoke then seeing all my tahlequah family....it was basically a family reunionnnnn<3

ahhhhh see what i mean? best week ever. it was just so uplifting and fun. I love the Shumways, I love my companion, I love my missionary friends, I love the people in my areas, I LOVE THE LORD!!! (: (:

so...my subject line...hahahaha well....i woke up wednesday morning and my left eye wouldn't open...it was pretty horrendous...it was like glued shut and bright pink. yay for pink eye...well i got ready and we drove up with the eufuala elders and as the day went on my eye got worse and worse and it hurt!!! but i was at zone conf and it was amazing so i was just laughing about it and making stupid jokes. it was pretty entertaining. then at lunch sister shumway surveyed the situation and lets just say some phone calls were made and we hit up walgreens on the way home to pick up some much needed eye drops. hahaha my life...

favorite things from zone conference:

  • "When you are in the service of the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission you are only in the service of you God"
  • The area seventy, Elder Southward, said "I hope you have tribulation on your mission...but remember Christs words...be of good cheer for I have overcome the world"
  • D&c 84:88
  • Angels on our left and on our right to bear us up...<3 I know that is true (:
  • As President was talking the words "Constant he is and kind, love without end" came into my mind...that is President Shumway...so grateful for him!
  • Sister Shumway lead a discussion all about things we had all learned on our missions...one of my favorites was that the Atonement can change our nature<3 because it can...I am not the same Sister Bailey that started her mission last August...
  • President gave an instruction on how the Book of Mormon proves the bible
  • "sacred ground of the sacred grove, hallowed ground of hill cumorah....find your own sacred grove"
  • Mormon 8:34-35
  • We split up into zone(stakes) and met with our stake presidents, ours is President Cluff...he's so awesome, he and I are good friends and we had a good discussion about the stake, his expectations for the missionaries, and stake goals and statistics...it was sooo good! He kept talking about how important each individual is to the stake, he is all about rescuing the less actives and helping everyone get to the temple, it's so great(:
  • Sister Shumway talked about choosing the hard road and how "that has made all the difference"
  • "Be a leaf on a stream and let the Lord take you where He will" -President Shumway
  • Then Sister Shumway said "what a glorious blessing this mission has been...but Elders and Sisters...THE BEST IS YET TO COME! <3
  • Then she told us..fighting the tears.."in thirty years you may forget me...but I will never forget each and every one of you..." yeah...that broke us all down<3 I just love them
  • President said the greatest thing you can ever do is read the Book of Mormon daily
  • Then...referring to the car wreck last august that occurred when I was in the MTC right before coming to Oklahoma he said "Elders and Sisters...there has been no accidents in this mission..." I was sitting by both Sister Petersen and Sister Kitchen who knew and were companions with Sister Vea...we all just lost it...it was something I'll never forget<3
What a blessing to know the Shumways...I love them wholeheartedly...and if you are in Utah in two weeks you should definitely attend their homecoming...they are amazing. It will be hard to see them go...but we're excited for the new mission president and transition into the Bentonville Arkansas Mission!!! 


I love ya'll!!!!

Sister Bailey

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