Tuesday, June 9, 2015

it's not about YOU

June 1st

hey everyone!

I don't have much time today because we have a district outing in muskogee! I'm so pumped!!! We are tie dyeing shirts and going to a butterfly dome thing and to lunch, and my district is sooooo sick. Haaaa seriously everyone is so fun! There's us in Henryetta, the Tahlequah Elders who are sooo funny, the STL's in muskogee, and then Eufaula Elders who is the district leader, it's gonna be such a good time (: 

The miracle this week was that we had 100% member present lessons!!!!! That's incredible for Henryetta!! We were just so enthusiastic and persistent with the members that it happened and it was awesome (: The best day was Tuesday, we had 4 different members come with us that day and we were crazy busy. I love busy days(: And the whole mission did awesome too!!! We broke several records and got 93% member present lessons as a mission!! THAT'S CRAZY GOOD!! Man...the OTM is seriously the best mission in the world!! We're truly finishing strong with President Shumway! I love that man by the way...he called me on Saturday and gave me a pep talk...I'm going to miss him so much!!!

The weather has been insane...it's always like 85 degrees but it rains...like constantly and there's tons of flooding, it's nothing too severe around us, but sometimes we can't really drive because the ditches fill up and then the water has no where to go except the road. But it's really fun to watch! I've ever seen it rain so hard in my life! One morning we were running and within like 5 minutes it started down pouring and we were drenched...it was like a shower!! hahaha we got home and rung out our shirts...we should've taken a picture! But I do have one from one of the days we tracted in the rain, I'll attach it (:

I don't have too much else to report on this week...the area is kind of slow and there isn't much to do...but it's okay! It's just different from my last two areas where we were constantly running around seeing people AND they loved us and wanted us to visit...here is a lil different but it's okay because we are still doing good work. But i keep learning over and over the principle "it's not about you". Something that's really good for me...I had kind of a rough week...but it's okay. I always find peace and comfort in the Book of Mormon, this time around reading it is amazing and it helps so much. I hope ya'll are reading it everyday, I promise it makes the biggest difference.

this morning I was reading in the ensign and studying faith out on our deck because it's finally sunny and nice! there was this quote by President Hinckley "When all is said and done, the only real wealth of the church is in the faith of its people". 

andddd I loved that!!

Others things I learned this morning:

Faith is more than attitude, belief, more than mere expression of what one knows or feels. Its founded on truth, preceded by knowledge, and perfected by works.

It causes mortals to understand and behave as Heavenly Father's children should.

You can measure faith by :

1. Choices we make
2. Devotion we exhibit
3. Obedience we practice
4. Service we give

awesome right?! 

oh something else random, my best friend here is this 11 year old named John, I think I mentioned him last week. haha he's so freaking funny. yesterday at church he wanted to sit by us during combined 3rd hour and he has ADHD and did not want to be quiet or sit still so I convinced him to have a conversation with me in my notebook and to draw pictures. We ended up talking about baseball, pokemon, eminem, and Jesus? It was pretty awesome. Haha man..I really do love this area...just for different reasons than before!


I LOVE YA'LL!!!!!!!<3

sister bay

just kind of soaked

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