Wednesday, April 22, 2015

and then i realized...adventures are the best way to learn

whoahhhhh i seriously....don't even know where to begin. this week was so so so amazing. every night i come home and want to just cry because i'm so happy and blessed. someone tell me how i got so lucky...

something achy?: soooo last monday i finally got approved to go the the chiropractor!! yayyyyyyyy. it was amazing. he's a member in the bentonville 2nd ward and he rocks my world. he's such a good chiropractor...similar to shiloh's husband courtney! and he's super nice and does it for free cuz i'm a mission. sooo awesome! but the last couple months when i wake up i have felt like i was going to throw up...and some days i did but it was just like sour spit? so i was like maybe i'm allergic to something...IDK can't stop won't stop. welllll i told him about that...and then he fixed my back and guess what?! no more throwing up feelings! wahoo!

something adventurous: we are in a total finding situation right now....i went from being crazy busy teaching 35 lessons a week in Tahlequah to barely hitting 20 here in it's been different and a challenge but it's been so fun and we did an awesome job of finding new people to teach this week!! on tuesday we didn't have anything really to we went to the square in downtown bentonville and just started talking to people...we call this OTM'ing (open thy mouth-oklahoma tulsa mission) and it was soooo awesome. It was a perfect beautiful day so there were a lot of people out and about! we gave out like 20 #becauseHelives pass-along cards. then we noticed some guys slack-lining.... so what does adventurous Nellie (now sister bailey) do? SHE TALKS TO THEM AND QUOTES ETHER 12:6 AND WALKS ACROSS THE SLACK LINE, OF COURSE. hahaha it was super #rad. turns out  the three guys are firefighters in rogers and were just hanging out. their names were Lucky, Josh, and Scott! they were sooooo cool and we already planned a moab/escalate trip! don't worry i took picures/video...WHAT EVEN IS MY LIFE?

something super fun & happy: LOL sooooo wednesday the leadership of the mission met here in Bentonville for MLC...aka I got to see Sister Pete & Elder Kofford & all the other Zone Leaders/Sister Training Leaders!! it was unreallllll plus we got to "babysit" sister buttars because her companion was at the top secret meeting. we had a BALL! we had tons of errands to run...we went to target...did some training because she's a new misisonary, went otming, prepared for our baptism later that day, and hung with all the friends once the meeting was over...i took a #classic picture with kofford & pete hahaha my two best friends<3 haha sister buttars is such a funny person...we decided to call "babysitting" her "SUPER FUN HAPPY HANG OUT TIME WITH SISTER BUTTARS" hahaha man, such a funny day.

something swaggy: ahhhhhhhhh WEDNESDAY NIGHT (APRIL 1ST)  was Eliza's baptism!!! She liked the irony of the day(: we spent the whole day preparing for it. It was so so so special and there room was packed with people supporting her, even her mom came which was a big deal(: and my girl Lexie gave an awesome talk about the holy ghost. we showed #becauseHelives while she got dressed and met a ton of people. I love the YSA's here....they are all like extraordinary people. not even kidding. I'm grateful for Eliza and her example and her friendship! She knows i love Polaroids so she brought her camera and we took a super cute pictures...i'll attach it(:

something amusing: friday there was something called "first friday" at the square, basically a farmers market/carnival on the was so dang fun. that morning we had zone training, sister smith and I instructed on dignity...we killed it(; it was actually really fun, i love instructing....anyway! then we went to lunch with a group of elders, which is always enjoyable haha. we saw a bunch of people, had an awesome lesson with a former investigator they call "Big Mike" he's soooo sick. He's 22 and a Pentecostal preacher, but he's so so nice and we had an awesome lesson with him! Then we had an awesome BBQ dinner with a cute family, the Allreds. Then went to an Easter Concert at the Stake center! It was sooooooo good. Like omg...well then it got over at8:30 and we are supposed to stay out until 9:00 sooooo being the ambitious missionaries we are...we went back to first friday! there we had three lessons with awesome people and gave them cards and invited them to YSA activities! It was soooo fun(: Then outta nowhere...a guy walks up to us and hands us a bag of footlong corn dogs!!!! I'm not even making this was too funny. My life should be a movie at this point...

something amazing & inspiring & spiritual: GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS UNREAL. man....I was so spiritually fed. We watched it at Johnny Damon's house on Saturday with a ton of YSA, in between we had a lesson with this girl, Joy. Then went TO SUSHI<3 We also watched Priesthood session at the church(: !! Sunday we had breakfast at our Branch Mission Leader's's the ultimate bachelor pad....pool tables, fancy art, wedding ring magazines....all of it. They're super funny guys...anyways a ton of YSA people came over and we all watched conference!! I was so good, Elder Nielson, then Holland, then Uchtdorf all made me cry...I think I took 27 pages of notes...I have issues...BUT I GOT SO MANY was so so good. The main themes I noticed were: FAMILY. GRACE. PRIESTHOOD. LOVE. ATONEMENT. CHRIST. MORE ATONEMENT. GRATITUDE. SERVICE.

something special: this weekend was super special...not to mention...what an amazing time of year. A time of green grass and trees and flowers and rain (not to mention crazy unreal Arkansas thunderstorms) and baby bunnies running around and REBIRTH AND NEW BEGINNINGS AND THE RESURRECTION. How grateful I am that this time last year was when my whole life changed. How grateful I am that I will always remember my Easter of 2014. I remember feeling so lost and broken and sad and really not knowing what to do or what  the future had in store. Little did I know that I would spend my next Easter surrounded my NEW friends, who love, support, and uplift one another. I got to partake in General Conference and hear the amazing testimonies of the Savior, His perfect Atonement, and His amazing grace<3 I couldn't have asked for a better day yesterday. We spent the evening with a big family. Lots of kids and cousins running around, it almost felt like home. We shared our message...our was prompted so share my last year's Easter experience with everyone...I bore my testimony of hard things and the Saviors grace and eternal families. It was just so special. I think I made everyone cry...but it was a perfect day. My heart is so full and content. There is literally no place I'd rather be. I'm so grateful to be here.

Thanks to everyone that sent me letters and postcards and packages(: I am so so blessed. I love y'all!!! <3 <3



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