Wednesday, April 22, 2015

don't even ask....just bring it!

hey ya'll!!! hahaha i've quoted that movie sooo many times this week so i thought i'd put it in my subject line!!

i literally don't have like anytime because we have so many fun things planned to day with all da missionaries in our area and the areas surrounding!!

this morning sister smith and i went on a lovely walk/jog through the trails at crystal bridges and it was slightly rainy and soooo warm. it was like a dream.

then we grocery shopped. then she got her hair did. color. cut. the whole shabang. i sat in the chair and danced to the radio music for the two hours she was getting it done. good looks sooo good!! then we went real life shopping and tried on theeeee cutest dresses. omg. i'll send a pic. but i ended up getting a really cute mint one for easter? (; yeah, sorry daddy. then we did some other random shopping and now we're here emailing!! next is basketball and going to the crystal bridges museum and playing hide and go seek on the trails! my life is so much fun(: did i mention i'm having the time of my life?

this week was so so good. are ya surprise?!

this week we: 

went to chili's
had zone training with the shumways!
got pizza with the shumways
sister shumway came to lessons with us at the park
had interviews with sister shumway and she said i have the "darling factor" hahaha i just laughed
sister smith and i found swings at a park and talked to some cute moms
we had lunch with the STL's at the park in the was still fun(:
I TRIED ON A HUGE FROZEN YOGURT COSTUME AT KIKKIBERRY....hahahaha it was thee funniest thing of my life
i got to curl sister smith's hair and take cute pictures of her by a cute wall
we had an awesome lesson with jesed and jair (the brothers)
had a stellar lesson with this guy santiago
nate came with to a lesson with macy!
then micah came to brenda's lesson
annnnnd we had a sweet lesson with grace and her fiance winston! so fun(:
i met the chandler family...that is really good friends with the Garrett Howard family!
had sushi with rebecca and swheta my new friends from nepal!! add that to the future travel destinations
had a great conversation with cute brother olsen whom we live with and we decided i should be a ticket agent at the airport and get reallllyyyy cheap airfare (:
had indian food with rebecca and may or may not have gotten chalk in our hair from the festival that we didn't even know was happening on saturday!!
sunday was a blast. we were at the church from 10-8, doing meetings, and mcm over the phone cuz chase slept in, then i went to branch council solo while sister smith attended sugar creek meetings, but chase and i rocked branch council and then i had lexie be my companion during rogers ysa...which is always a blast, i love that girl. she's my soul sister <3
then tait fed us breakfast for dinner at the church so we were there for even longer!! but hey it was a blast(: (: 

i love love loveeee it here and i couldn't be more blessed!! my misison is so fun and so amazing and i literally meet people every day that change my life. at this point i feel like i've been doing this my whole life and i will be doing it for my whole life. home and family is just a figment of my imagination....but to ya'll next week <3 <3

have a fantastic week everyone!!

i love you sooooo much!!



arkansas is pretty

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