Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have DOUGHNUTS

howdy ya'll!!!

we had another wonderful week, of course!! what's a bad week in T-QUAH?! i don't think they exist (;

sooo quick update on the week...

MONDAY: a bunch of us went was a blast. i lost, but hey, we had such a good time. PLUS two of my fav elders, whom I was in the MTC with are now companions and came with us! It's always fun catchin up(:

TUESDAY: Sister Shumway called us that morning and asked if she could come out with us...of course I said "YES YES YES" we took her to see Gina and crazy enough, they knew each other!! It was an awesome one point I pointed at Gina and said "YOU ARE AMAZING! THE ONLY THING HOLDING YOU BACK IS YOU" that was definitely the spirit...but Sister Shumway told me after in a lil interview that when I came out on my mission I was a girl, but now I was a woman...holy cow...SUCH A heart is so FULL<3 oh...and Mickey gave me a Hannah Montana barbie soo yeah best day everrrrrr

WEDNESDAY: We had district meeting and I introduced this awesome weekly planning sheet, my boy Elder Evensen sent me from the Billing Montana Mission! Everyone was super pumped about that was cool!! AND THEN LATER WE DISCOVERED CHIK-FIL-A in the underground of NSU...geez. i was so happy. we took a pic,  no worries. #reasonnumber234whyimgettingFAT LOL

THURSDAY: sooo we forgot something from our district leader the day before so we drove to Muskogee to meet up with him and the Zone leaders, Sister Palmer weekly planning while I drove, we had lunch with all of them, and shared funny stories. It was blast (: Then that night one of my favorite members took us out to SUSHI!! best day everrrr 2.0 mm, so good(: we are so freaking spoiled here...I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE!

FRIDAY: we volunteered at this thriftshop called ENCORE, and they just absolutley adore us i got three new skirts for $4 sooo i was good all around (: The other highlight was going on exchanges with another one of my favorite members, Bonnie. She's soo fun..we went and talked with one of our potential investigators and invited them to this Family History conference we have coming was wonderful(:

SATURDAY: well...there was a huge ice storm and we were stuck in the apartment literally all day...but we were productive. we cleaned. had some phone lessons. slept. i wrote like 10 letters sooo HOLLA! i caught up on my journal and read to RICO (hahaha i call Sister Palmer Rico because...Palmer..palm trees...puerto rico has palm trees...haha kylie came up with it:)

SUNDAY: church was canceled because of the weather and we literally didn't know what to do...soo we slept haha and studied a lot. i may or may not have walked on the treadmill and did some yoga? is that appropiate? haha then we went to the Phillips and ate lunch with Kylie and them. Then we watched a new devotional by Jeffery R. fav(: It was way fun. Then that evening we had dinner with theee cutest family, the Ahlanders! We eat with them every fast sunday and they make us breakfast for dinner. I realized while we were eating that they have kids the EXACT same ages as Melissa's kids...and as we hung out they are all crazy similar to my nieces and was insane! but so much fun(: I MISS YOU CHILDREN!! shoutout to you K-DAWG!! I miss you buddy!! And Cassidy and maddie and stock and linc and of course ryan and kaylin!!! can't wait to talk to ya'll soon!! (: (:

see what i mean? TAHLEQUAH IS THEEE BEST!!!!!! <3 <3

well...we are headed to a funeral...should be interesting.

i think we're coming back in a few hours to do a couple more my WHAT I WISH I WOULD'VE KNOWN PART II (:


Have a wonderful week(: (:

All my love,

sister jaybay bailey (:

ps..if you want to hear the story about my subject line....ask me in a year!! (;





Sister Shumway with Gina's turtle...LOL she wouldn't get near the possum hahaha

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