Monday, March 23, 2015


howdy ya'll!! can prolly guess what imma say next...WE HAD AN AMAZING WEEK<3 <3 I'm so freaking spoiled, it's nuts. 

we were soooo crazy busy this week like i'm so dead tired. i got sick this week because i was so tired honestly...but i threw up a few times and slept for likeeee 4 hours on friday and now i'm good as new! hahha my life....

something HILARIOUS: hahahaha i can't even...omgosh...okay so...bonnie and grady drove to utah for spring break so Rico and I decided to put some stuff together for our families. We bought flash drives and made a bunch of videos just talking and telling funny stories and giving tours of TQUAH and our apartment....well as we are standing out in the rain showing our apartment...we left our front door open and a HUGEEEEE squirrel ran into the apartment hahaha so Rico starts screaming and crying and hypervenilating and I almost fall over because I'm laughing so hard...hahaha so I get this all on camera right? it's thee funniest thing you'll ever see. DEAR FAMILY PUT THAT VIDEO ON FACEBOOK. you're welcome (; jumped across our desks, beds, the couch, and the table. it was quite the experience (;

something supa sick: sooo wednesday i had physical therapy for my back and it was soooo sick. so i get there at likeee 9 am and i'm wearing leggings and my oklahoma state shirt and my mission badge right? so there's like a bunch of people and we start talking about the weather, then i say something about mountains and how i miss them and how i'm from utah. and da da dahhhhh and i basically taught like all of them the restoration and about the church!! it was so awesome...but like i know for a fact i'm in physical therapy for a reason right now..the physical therapist, Sarah, is suchhhhh a dry mormon. i'll letcha know what happens! but yeah, that was sick (:

something random?: on saturday we forced Sister Lafon to take us to this Family History Conference in Tulsa likeeee all day. hahaha it was such an adventure and ended up being really fun and I learned a wholeeee bunch. we were absolutely, without a doubt the youngest people there hahaha but there was beginner and intermediate classes, we went to the intermediate ones and learned sooooo much. we even convinced the elders in tulsa to go to lunch with us, we went to my fav...chickfila..of course(; and Sister Lafon tagged along, it was a good  time. The spanish elders came and quizzed me on spanish...I STILL GOT IT (; but they kept saying they're going to tell Presient to put me in a spanish area...ahhhh...pray for me! hahaha but i mean, i did take 5 YEARS of spanish! so i guess we'll see! it would be another great adventure! because like...adventures are the best way to learn(:

something fun!: so tuesday was our huge zone conf in Tulsa. It was like thee funnest day of my life. I love love love zone conf, you get to see all your friends, play games, and get spiritually pumped. it was awesome. first of all i got to see my girl Sister Petersen<3 which is always the best. One of my favorite parts in when all the missionaries going home in the next two transfers give their departing testimony! It's always soooo good and this time it was seriously like allllllll the legends, which was cool to be there but also so sad because I love all those missionaries! I got pictures with my favorites...Elder Ingledue because he also served in Marshfield andddd he's a legend, then Elder Rudd because he was the assistant when I came out and he's hilarious and sang a real pretty song and also Sisters Smith, Clayson, and Pereida! I'll send pictures with of of them! Oh also my boy Elder Riley Sorensen was picked to give one of the talks and killed. He went to LONE PEAK too and we figured out that 4 of us at the conference went to LP, we tried to get a picture but everyone got lost except me and Elder Sorensen haha. Oh, at lunch, Sister Palmer and I were determined to win the scripture bee, but may have only memorized 7.5/10 of them...and we got pretty destroyed, so we sat down and everyone laughed. Today in my email from President he got all mad at me for sitting down because apparently he had it rigged for us to win! dang it! we'll get it next time (; but I mean... the reigning champion was elder rudd and he did one of the scriptures it was just (; hahaha oh yeah, also, Sister Shumway picked me and 3 hours to help with her infamous "health moment" basically we ended up throwing bouncy balls at a wall, then a water balloon. I was soooo tempted to throw the balloon into the crowd of missionaries but I restrained myself..haha I think her point was to be postive...and to bounce back and not splatter all of everyone and everything with negativity? either way, it was fun!

something SPECIAL: so thursday was my mother's birthday. it was way harder that i thought it was going to be. why are certain days SO MUCH harder? anyways...i decided the only way I was going to get through the day was to work my hardest and my mamma proud(: i wore a skirt she bought me even before I submitted my papers and a bow in my hair because it was her favorite. i have pictures that i'll attach (: there were soooo many tender mercies one of my favorites was that I GOT THREE LETTERS ALL FROM FRIENDS ON MISSIONS SERVING IN ASIA!!!! It was so special and I really needed it that day. Sooo shoutout to Elder Kujanpaa, Elder Adachi, and Sista Holt!!! In Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea!! I LOVE YOU GUYSSSS<3 (Dan: JAN+DAN=FOREVERRRRR Kengo: "nellie hates matt, ain't that true" & pennyboard swagggg & DAVIS SHORE(: Madison: CHUCK BASS OR DIE, red velvet cupcakes, PUPPIES hahaha man i miss you guys) sorry for my rant...i was just really pumped (: sooo it was really cool. Sister Petersen got permission to text me then both President and Sister Shumway called me during the day to check up on me...I'm so loved and well taken care of. I love that ya'll went to Article Circle and to the cemetery...guess what?! I'LL BE HOME FOR MOM'S NEXT BIRTHDAY!!! Can I get a woo woo? haha we went to dinner with a less active lady, and every time i go to her house we always start talking about my mom. and crazy enough, last time i went on february 19th, which was the 10 month crazy! anyways as we got to talking we realized that it was her daughter's birthday that passed away about 10 years ago. and my jaw dropped. then i realized in the background the mormon tabernacle choir was playing and it was the song "I often go walking" which is all about mothers. i just sat there and cried. it was amazing. the spirit was so strong. i know she was there comforting me. that night we had an amazing lesson with our investigator Leo and he is so close to baptism. all in all, it was a very good day. i'm so grateful for my mom and her example. man...i'm just so grateful to be here. in oklahoma. on my mission. i miss you family, but i know this is exactly where i'm supposed to be (: (:

wellllll i have more fun stories for ya'll but not enough time. we are going to lunch with the hutchins then to a zone outting in muskogee with a bunch of people! should be jeans!! can't wait!


Sister Bay (:

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