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this subject line goes out to my girl hayden higgens(;

soooo uhhh is Bentonville actually the Celestial Kingdom, in disguise? So far, Y E S ! I asked Sister Smith on my first day what the people are like here and she said "Basically... everyone here is a professional human being" hahaha so far that's sooo accurate. There's tons of people from Utah/Idaho and almost everyone works for walmart and is super successful and has their life put together. I kind of feel like I'm in Utah...just no mountains...it's awesome!! TODAY WE WENT TO TARGET IT WAS THEE GREATEST THING OF MY LIFE!! I haven't been in 8 months sooo I was super excited. Video of that comin your way family (; hahaha also...transfer day was the funnest day of my lifeee but we'll get to that in a second!

highlights of da week!!

monday: let's seeeeee we were supposed to eat breakfast with a sister in our ward, but she got lost and never showed up...so we had orange juice and left! then we emailed likeeeee all day, but took a brief intermission to have lunch with Jeananne @ this awesome mexican place! it was sooo yummy. best guac ever...my favorite food<3 then we emailed til like 5 & went home & i took a nap then we had dinner at CHILLI'S with the bradshaws & became best friends with the waiter..he reminded me exactly of my brother in law gavin/my cheer friend micah worrell is was #crazy. then we went and OTM'd people at Walgreens & got 2 awesome potentials...it was a stellar day...(:

tuesday: went to breakfast with jeananne @ this awesome place called Boomerang! it's super...retro? you could say. it was yummy & fun to hang with Jeananne some more! then we went into this cute store on mainstreet & i may or may not have gotten thee cutest charm bracelet ever..it's silver chain with a globe charm on it cuzz likeeee imma see the whole world someday!! and cuz like...imma be an elementary school teacher (: then we went to Braum's for lunch & met bonnie & her daughter Bayleigh there...we took cute pics with ice cream then went to the park to take more pictures with her daughter for her room. She wore a cute white dress & one of my extra nametags...then we get to the park & what is the waterfall called? BAILEY FALLS!!!!!!!! craziness....so we took theeee cutest pictures ever..just wait(; it even started raining so we ran around & it was so warm..it was basically magical..& we had flowers in our hair & i wasn't wearing any shoes...so best day of my lyfe! then we went to GO YE VILLAGE with the Hutchins & Sister Lafon & ate thee yummiest stake...it was way too fun. that night i packed a bunch of my clothes. && we had our lesson with LEO!! it was wonderful. we talked about the atonement & read d&c 19...it was great! then we said our goodbyes, which was so sad...i may or may not have cried. i love those people...& baby pepiakitah will be born anytime now!! so so excited for them!! it was a dreamy day for sureeee

wednesday: my last day in T QUAH.... it was so bitter sweet. i was excited for a new area, companion, ward, friends, & adventure but sooooooo sad to leave my family in tquizzel! buuuuut all good things must come to an end, i left in a good place & sister palmer & parsons will take good care of the best area in Oklahoma for me (: sooo we had breakfast with the high priests, which was so cute & fun! i'll miss those guys!! ha ha soo funny story i have accumulated SO MUCH STUFF. so i had to 1) buy another small suitcase 2) mail myself my heavy books...so being me, I put To: Sister Bailey From: Santa cuzzz like who else would send me study stuff? haha i crack myself up...then i packed a lot & freaked out b/c i barely fit everything...but i did it. then we had lunch with the hutchins @ this secret restaurant in tahlequah called Fishes...best bbq everrrrrrr. then i packed some more. sad goodbye to people & ran into one of my favorite members, Brooke Johnson @ the post office! then we hung with kylieeeee & that was way fun & sad (I MISS YOU DUDEEEEEEEE) Then i packed more...so lame. then had dinner @ the Phillips house with kylie & the clarks! it was fun & all until TORNADOSSSSS! we were watching the radar then got all kinds of texts & warnings so we went to the shelter @ NSU with the Phillips. We were on & off the phone with our district leader & zone leaders, it was crazy....but so fun! we made all kinds of videos that i'll send to the fam...they're pretty entertaining(; sooo i wanted to go out with a B A N G...& tornados decided to hit! it was crazy.

THURSDAY: theeeee funnest day of my lifeeeeeee. omg....okay so we got up @ 5 am, finished packing, got ready, jumped on my suitcases so we could zip them, then drove to muskogee to pull some HARMLESS pranks on sister smith the 1st because she went home...it was hilarious. then we got diet coke & donuts for breakfast, went to transfer point, i made all kinds of videos with everyone...it was quite the day. then i got on transfer loop & went to van buren with sister clayson & henderson in the assistants car! then we went to bentonville where i got off! got to see allllll da homies! tons of the elders i came out with & my "brother" elder kofford & all the other legends like elder ingledue & rudd who both went home :( sadddd day. but they promised they'd email me when they get engaged...hahaha then I met sister smith the 2nd & went to our new house! we live with the Olsens! they are awesome but we have our own lil apartment!! AND A BUNK BED!! and our car is a 2014 Toyota Corolla! it's soo nice...when we call people the bluetooth turns on & it rocks my whole world. that night we had dinner with a family that owns 3 dickey's bbq restaurants they are so awesome. thennnn we unpackeddd & got all settled in! then we met with the YSA ward mission leader, Chase. He's def a professional human being he works in the home office building for walmart...we had to get special badges so he could give us a tour...it was pretty awesome. then we went to our sugar creek ward mission leaders house & helped his daughters with their science project blowing bubbles with bubble gum..it was awesome! so yeah....rockin first day(:

friday: we had breakfast with one of the YSA kids, micah, at the hotel he lives in...NBD...not like he has an internship with walmart that pays for like everything. hahaha he's awesome, we gave him a bunch of pamphlets he needed for his friends. then we did service @ this place called helping hands. it was overcast so i wore my fav beanie. weee also did some otm'ing in the WALMART MUSEUM because we had a weird lil amount of time. then we weekly planned & ate at chickfila<3. we had an awesome first lesson with one of our recent converts, Brenda & her friend Kate whom I LOVE!!! it was wonderful! then had dinner with some YSA people. first, my best friend HAYDEN!! && also MY CHILDHOOD HERO JOHNNY DAMON!!! hahahaha that's literally his name...we bonded real good. we had pizza & mango cheesecake it rocked my world. yeah...best place ever!! so many instant best friends(: (but don't worry kylie, I STILL LOVE YOU)

saturday: we had an awesome lesson with our investigators, jesed & jair! they are so awesome, Elder Kofford actually found them! I tell everyone that Elder Kofford is my brother & they totally believe me cuz like #blondes. I also tell everyone I'm from Portland, Oregon hahaha cuz everyone assumes missionaries are from Utah...it's entertaining. 

sunday: we spent alllllll day @ the church!! from 11-7:30....it was crazy. we had meetings, got amazing blessings from the YSA branch president, did family history, then attended the Sugar Creek Ward where I met Sister MING, who is very good friends with the Townsends!! Then I met a lady in our ward that is best friends with Sherry Carnell, in Tennessee, whom my daddy baptized on his mission!! small world!! it was awesome (: (: then we had YSA church, I have like 20 new best friends. everyone in the branch is sooooooooo chill. most of them are older. a few are engaged. they're all professional people. i met my twin, her name is lexie & she is so awesome, probably the cutest girl i've ever met. it's crazy how you become instant best friends with people...this transfer will be sooo fun!! after church we had a "break the fast" with the YSAs & I did my best to memorize everyone's name!! it was so fun(: I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT HERE!!

sooo yeah...... that was my crazy crazy very fun packed, filled week!!!


I LOVE Y'ALL!!!! (: (:





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