Monday, March 23, 2015


this subject line goes out to my sis RACH cuz likeee  the Maine (; and i miss her and she's getting married in JUNE!!! Also shoutout to my brother and sister in law for getting pregnant!!! i was about to tell ya'll that i'm almost at 9 months so someone needs to have a baby for when I get home!! CONGRATSSSSS I LOVE YOU FAMILY!! And s/o to my BEST FRIEND BROOKLYN because I love her sooooo much!!

GUYSSSSSSSSSS I'm dying....this week started as the week from H E double hockey sticks & turned u n r e a l (: i can't even handle here we go. hold on tight!

actually first.

I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED TO THEEEE BEST AREA EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. And since it's march madness our zone did a bracket for transfers...and they totally guessed mine right!! I am going to BENTONVILLE!!!! Serving in Rogers YSA and the Sugar Creek ward(: (: every missionary I tell says it's thee best place to be! I cannot be more excited. I hardly slept Saturday night because I was so excited. My companion will be Sister Smith, the 2nd, she has been out almost a year and I've met her a couple times...she's awesome!! Soooo stoked!!

something life changing: soooo there has been soooo many people in tahlequah and on my mission in general that have COMPLETELY CHANGED MY LIFE. This week I met several people. After yesterday's experience I literally said "I think my whole life just changed" sooo the whole day was unbelievable....we had an awesome last ward council for me and everyone thought it would be funny to make me do evertyhing haha. so i lead the music, prayed, and discussed a lot of i'm going to miss those meetings...anyways...then we had missionary coordination meeting and we told everyone we were expecting a bunch of investigators at church since we both were was Charles D'reego that Indian man...not native from India, Indian!! well  turns out Brother Phillips (my first adopted dad) knows him!! The other we were super pumped about was our good friend Jeananne!!! THEY BOTH CAMEEEEEEEEEEE(: (: I almost started bawling on the stand because everything was so perfect. sister palmer gave a bomb talk about faith then bishop introduced me as sister palmer and everyone laughed really hard. i walked up there and said "hi, i'm sister BAILEY it's nice to meet ya'll!" haha it was pretty funny. i talked about tender mercies & grace. it was awesome, if i say so myself (; buuuuut it seriously felt like i was giving my farewell talk alll over again because tahlequah is my FAMILY!! i'm going to miss it soooo much, but i have another adventure waiting for me in arkansas(: sooooo pumped. so after church we went with the Phillips & Runnels to have lunch with Charles & some other Indian students on an exchange program here....holy cow...they are seriously the most amazing people i have EVER met!! they made us thee most amazing indian food ever...i was so spicy...but so authentic and they served us like queens the whole time even though we were in their apartment...we were celebrating the Indian new year! Doesn't it make sooooo much more sense to have it in march...cuz like...spring...? haha i think so! well basically we all became best friends & they are coming to moab with me next summer & they're going to show me around bangladore...they have MAD connections (: they are all working on their PH.D's right now and are superrrr smart and successful! THEN!! Charles is the most remarkable man I have ever met...he was a referral we contacted the other day...turns out he has been in America for the last 10 years at school. Before he lived in India with his family & did humanitarian work with...oh ya know...JUST MOTHER THERESA!!! the real one..he has pictures and books and crazy amazing was such an honor to meet him AND HE CAME TO CHURCH AND HEARD ME TALK ABOUT THE GOSPEL. We had awesome conversations about family and the gospel and everything...WHAT EVEN IS MY LIFE?! (: 

something legit: on saturday we were determined to do something amazing so we decided to teach 10 lessons that day. our district leader, elder merryweather, didn't believe we could do we had to prove him wrong. sister lafon came along with us from 1230-6pm. we visited inactive young women, other less actives NO ONE EVER GETS TO SEE, and some recent converts including Mickey!!! andddd welll  WE TOTALLY TAUGHT 10 LESSONS!!! IT WAS SO AWESOME(: (: I showed everyone the "My Family Book" there's a video that Brother Phillips linked to my facebook! I had no idea he was filming...but it's a sweet lil video(: plus we crocheted with Jeananne that night so we were super busy all day while waiting for transfer calls!! then we did all conference call for transfers & since we bugged the Zone Leaders all day they told us transfer news first...hahaha it was too legit(;

something awesome: thursday we had a killer lesson with LEO!!!! we talked about faith and what it means and how it's an action word and he literally said "well...i'm not getting baptized YET" haha i'm so excited! I love the Pepiakitahs!! They are expecting baby Pepiakitah next month(: I'll miss them soooo much. 

something true: being KIND always trumps being RIGHT. "kill people with kindness" don't be judgmental because you probably don't know the whole situation...just remember that God loves you and has a plan for you. Everything will be alright in the end...if it's not alright, it isn't the end. I LOVE YOU PEOPLE. The church is so true and it always will be. Remember the little, scriptures, prayer, FAMILY. They are most important. The Lord and Family should always come first. Never forget<3



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