Monday, March 9, 2015


Welllllll another amazing week, of course!! (: 

Something tender:We had a really neat experience at  that funeral last Monday. The family invited us to attend the family luncheon and talk to some of the people there. I think we got like 5 people's addresses and phone numbers and the wife, especially, is super interested in learning more about the gospel! We're excited for all of them! I'll letcha know what happens with them(: 

Something FUNNY: hahahha i'm laughing out loud just thinking about I got from exchanges Friday morning, we went to District Meeting in Muskogee then out to lunch with Sister Lafon. It was a blast of course. As we are driving back we get a text from the Walema family asking if we will come help them with some yard work, so obviously, we go. I put on my comf sweats and converse and sunglasses and we went over there. So if you remember, last time I went on exchanges Sister Clayson came with me to t-quah and we cleaned out their garage at the new house? Will this time we were doing stuff outside...and let me tell ya...the previous owners WERE SO NASTY!! Anywayssss we raked up leaves, flattened boxes, and got rid of a ton of do I say this nicely...crap? haha and were going 110 mph for like 2 hours straight and ended up with a huge pile of stuff and 8 huge construction garbage bags of gross, wet, dirty leaves....well we took some pictures and were about to leave...then Sister Palmers like "hey do you have the phone" I'm like..." had it. i haven't even seen it since we got back into town" she tries not to panic and we look around for like 10's no where to be we call it from Dorthy's phone...but it was on vibrate so we're like hugging the bags trying to feel it. But likeeeee it was with nasty gross WET leaves so I'm's mostly definitely in one of these EIGHT BAGS and it's probably ruined....and our dinner is coming to pick us up in like 30 minutes...and our phone has literally 600 contacts in there. so i'm trying not to panic...then realize I DON'T KNOW ANYONE'S PHONE NUMBER!! sooo i'm like crapppppppp. so then i remembered i do know one set of missionaries phone number, so i call them. they laugh at me...i'm laughing this whole time but i think mostly so i didn't burst into tears hahaha. so they give me the mission home number and President Shumway's number....mission home doesn't answer...President answers. I tell him whats going on and he laughs. He laughs a lot. And teases me....haha then he says "Sister're going to have to look through all those bags and if you can't find it we'll get you a new phone" then he laughed and wished me luck. SOOO we say a prayer pleading for help to find the phone...and we open up the first bag and dig through the's not there. Open of the second bag...annddddddd SIS PALMER FOUND IT!! IT WASN'T EVEN BROKEN JUST REALLY DIRTY! and it smells kinda funny, but whatevs. hahhaaha it was so funny. i'm still laughing about it...and i'm sure President is too...#tendermerciesfordayzzz

something random: welll wednesday was terrible terrible weather so we went over to my parents house aka "the phillips" hahaha and chilled there likeee all day. it was a blast. we watched all our favorite talks and even a david archuleta interview thingy #fangirling and Rico and Kylie did some personal progress and i called a bunch of people on the phone and had mini lessons with that was fun. Then we drove the middle of the ice was SKETCHY! haha but then Bonnie brought us dinner and we made all kinds of adventuring plans for next year(; it was blast. every day is a blast in tquah(:

something powerful?: sooo thursday I ventured over to Gore to go on exchanges with my girl Sister Clayson(: we had a blast...of course. We taught this adorable 94 year old. Had lunch with their cutest recent convert, Kerry. Played in some mud. Went chastity tracting...hahaha funniest thing of my life. OTM'd a bunch of people at a gas station and got a potential investigator! We at dinner at their cute lil house, it reminds me sooooo much of grandpa bailey's house...the carpet...the wall even smells the came and there is carpet in the bathroom hahaha it rocks. we bonded for awhile and asked each other all kinds of questions about missionary was real good(: and we planned adventures in southern utah for next year as well (; i have issues, okay? then we had thee best lesson of my was insane. i'm trying to get this kid at the library to upload the video to facebook for it's hilarious. we were soooo pumped. i hope it basically we put this awesome guy on date for the 21st and taught him the law of chastity and it wasn't even awkward. it was yeah. go us!! (: jk, it was totally 100% the i love being a missionary (:

something exhausting: saturday the church put on this cultural cherokee event and made stomp skirts and shackles and soooooooo many people came. basically we got to the church at 9 and were running around, answering questions, putting up tables, filling up water pitchers, half teaching the restoration, trying to sew a skirt #fail, and convincing people we aren't sister wives hahaha THAT HAPPENED, it was crazy. we finally left the church at likeeeee 4 pm. it was so long. but so so so fun(:

something spiritual: I was so so sad to hear about another suicide at Lone Peak....and I've been thinking about that a lot this week and I was trying to figure out why it keeps happening...Then I remembered a talk that's exclusive to the MTC called "The Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar. It's amazing. Not sure why it's only shown at the MTC....but maybe that'll give you motivation to go on a mission? hahaha but it seriously is such a simple talk. He explains that whenever Christ made a decision, he always turned outward. He never focused on himself, or how many likes he got on instagram, or if so & so didn't like Him, or if He didn't make the cheer squad, or if He didn't get accepted to BYU. He focused all His time and energy on OTHERS. HE ALWAYS TURNS OUTWARD. ALWAYS. And maybe I'm wrong, but I think Lone Peak and all of Utah county could use some more character of Christ. It's sooo clique but one of my mission motto's is "forget yourself and go to work". So I don't know what ya'll are waiting for...but go serve someone else. And it's not necessarily that THEY need it, YOU DO! Stop caring sooo much about what people think of you and go help someone have a good day. Making others happy, makes you happy (: *stepping off my soapbox now* 

I seriously loved where I grew up, I have thee greatest friends and family, but I wish I understood the gospel more when I was in high school. My mission has changed my life. More importantly, it's changed my heart. And it's still changing. I'll hit my 7th month mark this i've still got a long way to go. Buuuuut "I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up" (if you can name that book/movie I'll MARRY YOU!!!)

Anywaysssss that was my crazy, fun, busy week!! I loved it but I am so exhausted! haha here's to another week! Today I bought a new beanie & it's raining & we got hot chocolate...that's a solid day in my book (:

Have a wonderful week and REMEMBER THE TENDER MERCIES OF THE LORD 1 NEPHI 1:20 (: (:

All my love,

Sister Bailey (: 

 heyyyy Elder Evensen....I think this possum picture beats your deer picture...whatta ya say? (;

 here's my bff bonnie, she just got braces but she's adorable and single...sooo ya know...who wants her numba?! hahaha she's going to kill me.

shoutout to my best friend in the universe pictures below. it was HIS BIRTHDAY ON THE 7TH!! his email is (: (: he just turned 20 and will be home in august, just sayin. love you johnny boy!!

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